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Ledapple(레드애플) sneakily releases a new MV “With the Wind(바람따라)”, which I have to say is my most FAVOURITE SONG OF THEIRS EVER!


Hi everybody, and I am back with another MV review! This time is my first review on Ledapple, with their newest MV release “With the Wind(바람따라)”!

They are back...without much notice honestly ><

They are back…without much notice honestly ><

I realise that there was a teaser released 3 days ago (which I never saw) but still, this was slightly unexpected. After all, they had already released “Bad Boy” earlier this year.

Not that I am complaining or something hehe why would I be?

SOOOOOOO Ledapple are back again with their newest single “With the Wind”, which was released a couple of hours ago! Clearly, this is a DRAMATIC difference from their earlier released single “Bad Boy”, which promoted a more ‘playboy’ image.

But this time, all 5 members return with what initially seems like a mysteriously dark image, but turns out to be a song which reminds us that certain seasons reminds us of our forgotten memories, through the loud and emotional vocals produced by the main vocalist, Han Byul. Seeing as it is currently autumn in the Northern Hemisphere (over here in Australia it’s Spring; makes life so complicated at times), the song almost seems really fitting with both season and mood.

Especially with the mentioning of the wind. The box that the female lead picks up in the beginning is almost a time capsule, locking away memories which, when reminded, seems frightening to her. And, as the wind is an entity that never leaves, the memories are never truly forgotten, meaning that this love of hers never goes away.

ohhhh that reel player...I WANT ONE TOO~~

ohhhh that reel player…I WANT ONE TOO~~

This song, and the MV overall, is a huge change from their last single, which may throwback a couple of people out there however, don’t be too shocked. Like other groups, they also must venture out and try new things (*cough cough* B.A.P *cough cough*) and from what I’m seeing and hearing, I’m really liking this, A LOT!

I can even confidently say that this song, by far, is my most favourite song from them so far. I do hope that they continue with this style of music, or at least, continue to consistently produce such music for me to listen to. This MV ‘s replay button is gradually going to break, seriously.

Thank you guys for reading, and please enjoy the MV as much as I did!

❤ Yami Hyunnie ^^~


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