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30 day Kpop challenge – Day 3: ummmm hehe not much needs to be said >//<


Day 3: Your ultimate k-pop guy bias

Hello everybody!

So, my ultimate k-pop guy bias didn’t take too long to come up with. He has been my ultimate bias for years, and possibly this fact will never change.

Ultimate Guy Bias: Eunhyuk

Cute at one moment...

Cute at one moment…

Sexy the next...

Sexy the next…



Originally, this man wasn’t the person I was bias to. Initially when I was introduced to Super Junior, I was interested in Hankyung because he was of Chinese background, and I found it fascinating how a Chinese person could be in a Korean boyband.

But once he left the group (which wasn’t too long after I discovered the group) began to look around at the other members, and when I discovered Eunhyuk, he finally became my bias.

His personality was what drew me in. The way he acts so selfless for his members, and always gives but never asks for something back really made e love his character above all else. He is a wonderful person who looks after his members as if they were his true brothers and siblings, which is something rarely seen in idols these days. Super Junior overall is a group who is uniquely different from the others not simply by the number of members they have, but rather every single member is different and uniquely remembered for something.

So, I hope I haven’t bored you all to oblivion, and I will see you tomorrow! Thanks for reading~

❤ Yami Hyunnie ^^~


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