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Kim Jaejoong (김재중) – Just Another Girl MV: The vampire has been released from his dungeon and…blown up a house?!

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I haven’t been in action in a while huh? Blame all of the evil teachers who made everything due AT THE SAME TIME! Now that my uni break has “kind-of” started (my exams are in two weeks time), I will be posting more regularly from now on!

But anyways, enough of me; let’s talk about this handsome hunk, JAEJOONG!



So, JaeJoong is BACK with his first ever solo album “WWW”, which stands for “Who, When, Why”. Released earlier today was his MV for “Just another girl”, and as I kept watching it, I couldn’t shake off the fact that it seems connected to his previously released lead single “Mine” early this year but, I’ll talk about that later 🙂

So, firstly the song. As expected, JaeJoong continues to impress us with a style of music we rarely see in K-pop. The genre of the song reminds us of the commonly heard style of J-rock, only a more dark aura seeping from it. It has been described as “post-grunge rock” (whatever that means), and has been explained to many as a track which will appeal to many through the morph of both punk rock and Brit pop.

Also, this song is written by the singer himself. Talk about absolute perfection~~

Now, onto the MV itself. First of all, WOW! Just wow. The cinematography in this MV is SO beautiful to watch. The slow-motion camera shots are really enjoyable to watch (and addictive for fans to swoon over) Apparently, in those scenes, frames of up to 1000 per second were taken and boy, how worth it! The entire MV is stunning to watch…very addictive, addictive indeed.

As for the story, the song and MV seem to link hand-in-hand. For some weird reason (may be my feminine hormones; who knows?) I kept thinking that this MV was connected to the “Mine” MV. The themes for both videos were concepts of darkness, ominous vibes that portray a character (JaeJoong that is) with a dark past. In “Mine”, JaeJoong is a vampire-like creature locked up in a dungeon, making attempts to escape. In this video, it seems as if JaeJoong had escaped the dungeon to go back to the reason why he was locked up in the first place (a human girl…typical), but found that she didn’t want to be with him any more. So…he blows up the entire place because…why not?

1. He is locked up.

1. He is locked up in a dungeon.

2. The reason why he is locked up, and why he attempts to escape.

2. The reason why he is locked up, and why he attempts to escape.

3. He finally escapes, unharmed physically...but not mentally.

3. He finally escapes, unharmed physically…but not mentally (see the smoke from his mouth? >0<).

4. And so, he lashes out by blowing up the house...the end.

4. And so, he lashes out by blowing up the house…the end.

Clearly, this is a LONG stretch to make but come on, cut me some slack. A fangirl can dream, right?

So, there you all have it. Please check out JaeJoong oppa’s new album “WWW” and his MV “Just another girl”. It is such an amazing song, and truly deserves the amount of hype it is getting at the moment!

P.S. By the way, can I just say that that purple/maroon tuxedo REALLY suits him? I mean, I LOVE IT!!! It looks so good on him *drool*

Have a wonderful day everyone! I will be back soon with a surprise 😉

❤ Yami Hyunnie ^^~


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