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MYNAME(마이네임)’s “Day By Day” is an awesome comeback MV, but has become famous for an entirely different reason.

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Hello peoples! This is obviously a very delayed review however, I was too distracted with uni essays (one is still due on Friday *sigh*) to be able to post this. This MV is SO WORTH talking about, and I felt absolutely guilty from not being able to review it at all. So, here it is!

Yummy! SO SEXY!

Yummy! SO SEXY!

MYNAME is back with another single for the year!!! Near the beginning of the year, they had released their 2nd single album but to be honest, I wasn’t aware of it. Now, with their comeback single “Day by Day”, I had only realised that there has been a couple of album releases since their debut with “Message” back in 2011 (which, may I add was DA BOMB back then :3)

The MV itself is simple, yet effective through the use of special visual effects, such as each member singing towards their own self, yet the filming still seems as if it was taken in one shot. For me personally, this is a big change from them because when I had last heard from them, the song “Message” was an upbeat, techno song and the music video reflected that through the dance. With this MV, we see each member calmly lying against walls, or sitting on top of tables, clearly drawing us toward the song and lyrics itself. A big turn, but a change in which I really like.

The song is a ballad, nothing too surprising for you Kpop fans out there. However, I can’t help feel that this song has used a little too much auto-tune within each member’s vocals. I would have much preferred a song purely focused on their vocals, and ability to sing because they can! However, in the end the song is still quite good. It reminds me of a Infinite/Beast vibe when they are singing ballads.

This song is truly a joy to listen to, and D.O does an exception job throughout the song with his flawless rapping. However, something that I found which really disheartens me is this – the fact that many are bashing the MV because many netizens explain that their only reason for clicking on the link to the MV was because they believe that D.O from EXO was singing in it, rather than the rapper Lee Hyun Do, who is also known as D.O. As many commenters start complaining on the official video about this realisation, I can’t help but do the whole *facepalm* thing, and sigh in utter frustration.

Seriously guys, if you were really disappointed that it wasn’t the D.O you were expecting, then just leave the MV. Like many would say, “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it at all!” There is really no need to say “Clicked on the MV thinking it was D.O from EXO, but was lied to!” or “Thought it was EXO, but ended up clicking on this joke”. These type of comments went on for ages, and I just kept thinking “Is it really necessary to share this ignorant thought to the rest of the world to see?”

So, I really hope that these type of people can change for the better, but I always feel that I am asking too much from the world these days. Anyways, I hope you all can go ahead and check out this MV, and if possible, leave a positive comment for the boys to read! Thank you guys for reading, and hopefully I will talk to you guys very very soon~

❤ Yami Hyunnie ^^~


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