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SHINee(샤이니) finally releases their MV “Everybody”: They can even make a low budget MV look like the best thing EVA!

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Hello friends!

This is the MV that we have been waiting for over a week now! SM Entertainment has finally released the music video for “Everybody” about 4 hours ago, with approximately 130,000 views at the moment (obviously, within the next 24 hours it will probably reach something ridiculous like a couple of million or something because, why not? World, you still continue to amaze me at times).

God, look at those poses...EYE CANDY!

God, look at those poses…EYE CANDY!

SHINee IS FINALLY BACK!!!! *jumps around the room* And boy, what a comeback! Flawless choreography, addictive tunes and sexy outfits? What is there to possibly complain about??


Ahem firstly, I have to applaud these sexy men for making any living girl’s hearts just explode, solely on their ability to just stare at a screen and melt someone away. I mean, look at Minho. He didn’t even need the heavy eyeliner and he still caught everybody’s eye.

The song is REALLY addictive! With similar electronic/dubstep tunes we have heard from “Spectrum” and “Dream Girl”, it is a song that can easily become the #1 most replayed on your iPod within a matter of days. Everybody’s vocals were beautifully highlighted, and noticed. It’s quite refreshing to see more of Minho this time around, and JongHyun? You have been awfully missed 😀

And the dance? The dance is SOOOOO good! It reminds us that this group can do so much that many other groups are incapable of doing, such as perfecting synchronisation and a fluidity that travels between members – they all move as one. Once again, they show us why they are most suitable as a five member group (the whole bit where Minho winds-up and awakens the other members so that they can move like little wind-up toys is so awesome :3)

But, the one thing that had been bothering me…the one thing…was that STUPID EARRING! I mean, come on SM, you really couldn’t invest in another 3 different pairs of earrings for the members? By the end of the MV, I almost felt as this that stupid earring had more screen time than Onew did…and that’s saddening!

Also on a side note, where have I seen that particular earring before?? Ah right, with BIG BANG’S TAEYANG FROM MONSTER! Geez, even the earring itself isn’t original…

Here's the original (or at least to me it is)

Here’s the original (or at least to me it is)

And the earring makes a cameo on another member...WHAT IS GOING ON?!

Here’s number 1…

Here's number 2...

Here’s number 2…

Here's number 1...

And the earring makes a cameo on another member…WHAT IS GOING ON?!

See what I mean? Was it really necessary SM fashion co-ordinators? If you were really on low budget, I could have sent over a couple of mine – they didn’t cost much.

As for the setting…nothing new. In the end, it was filmed in boxes again but, SHINee definitely draws your attention away from that sad lurking fact, and brings you to the attention of the good bits, which is just both awesome and sexy time.

So, I am still urgently waiting for the rest of the album to be released (I really want to start listening to Symptoms) and I can’t wait for their next release which will hopefully be an MV for “Symptoms” though sadly, I have my doubts…

Thank you guys for reading, and hopefully I will be back REAL soon with some exciting news ^^

❤ Yami Hyunnie ^^~


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