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“Eden” (2012) US-movie: Everyone must watch this film in their lifetime…I’m dead serious

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Hey guys and welcome to my first review on a movie that was made outside of Asia. Today, I will share with you all my thoughts on the film “Eden”, which was released last year in the US. Directed by Megan Griffiths, it is a movie that focuses on the Sex Trade in America, which has been based on a true-story.

A truly inspiring movie...YOU MUST ALL WATCH IT!

A truly inspiring movie…YOU MUST ALL WATCH IT!

In total honesty, I wasn’t initially expecting too much from this film. It was something that caught my attention when I was doing my nightly Google searches online for “Top Asian Films 2012-2013”, and surprise, surprise, this movie popped up.

But boy, was I wrong.

This film is incredible, and it’s just one of those films that one must watch in their lifetime. Jamie Chung (who acts as the protagonist ‘Hyun Jae’) does such a commendable job in conveying her emotions and feelings through the screen, which makes the whole film even more believable. What I couldn’t shake off throughout the film, was the fact that this was based on a true story about Chong Kim, a Korean-American girl who goes through this entire experience for 2-3 years. Just the thought that someone at my age can be kidnapped and forced into prostitution against their will is absolutely terrifying.

Jamie Chung as Hyun Jae aka 'Eden'. Great performance, and I hope to see much more of it in the future :)

Jamie Chung as Hyun Jae aka ‘Eden’. Great performance, and I hope to see much more of it in the future 🙂

Another character who should be commended is Vaughan (who is acted by Matt O’Leary. If you don’t know who it is, look up Spy Kids 2, and you’ll recognise him…I know, it shocked me too ><). He was a character who was portrayed very convincingly, yet you don’t grow to hate him as such in comparison to the corrupt Federal Marshall (acted by Beau Bridges). Vaughan, as the person second in charge, is a multi-faced character – a person who we as the audience discover, is only a person who is truly trying to finally succeed in one in his life. Gradually, both Hyun Jae and Vaughan become characters who face numerous moral dilemmas; situations which we couldn’t even begin to comprehend which surprising, we end up sympathising for both.

Matt O'Leary as Vaughan.  Another great performance but OMG...I can't believe it's him :O

Matt O’Leary as Vaughan. Another great performance but OMG…I can’t believe it’s him :O

Beau Bridges as the Federal Marshall...I think they made his character a REALLY BIG DEAL for nothing...sorry xD

Beau Bridges as the Federal Marshall…I think they made his character a REALLY BIG DEAL for nothing…sorry xD

How the movie is filmed truly drew me in. I had expected to see explicit scenes, or scenes where I would be forced to leave my laptop to hurl somewhere; but none of that happened. It seemed almost…family friendly?? (That’s the term I thought of and I’m sticking to it!) It didn’t have to show anything to express what someone was doing etc. The fact that many situations were implied rather than explicit demonstrates that not everything needs to be spoon-fed to you; you can work it out just as well.

The movie is definitely informative, and truly draws upon the issue that sex slavery in America is real, and that it concerns not only the people of the US, but also the world as human trafficking isn’t something that should be glanced over. I guess the only downside of this movie is that it doesn’t provide enough evidence of the intensity of the situation. Since the movie has relieved itself of showing anything nitty-gritty, it may lead many to misunderstand the severity of this issue. Not that I mind anyway but yah know, just sayin’.

So, I highly highly recommend a lot of you to go and discover this movie if you haven’t watched it yet. If you have, maybe comment down below, and let me know what you thought of this movie.

Thank you all so much for reading, and I’ll hopefully be back real soon~~

❤ Yami Hyunnie ^^~


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