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SHINee (샤이니) teases fans with a newly released lyrics video for “상사병 (Symptoms)”: JUST GIVE ME THE DAMN SONG ALREADY!!


Hey everybody!

This is just a quick update of what’s currently circulating around the online K-pop world (YouTube that is rofl), and what seems to be the huge talk is SHINee’s anticipated return with their 5th mini album “Everybody”. Today, a lyric MV was released ~4 hours ago of the song “Symptom (상사병)” and I have to say….IT SOUNDS F***ING AMAZING!!!

...God don't they look sexy??! The individual photos are worse...they give girls heart attacks ><

…God don’t they look sexy??! The individual photos are worse…they give girls heart attacks ><

This is definitely my type of music. Full stop.

The song highlights the singing ability of every member, and the amazing thing is the fact that you can recognise all of their voices (if you know them well enough that is lol). It has a sort of RnB feel, which really suits their comeback photos that seems to portray maturity. All members sing together in harmony, with both JongHyun and Onew totally showing off their powerful vocals. JongHyun, in particular, proves to everybody with no doubt that he has one of the most amazing vocals in all of SM Entertainment.

Also, can I add that JongHyun wrote the song too? Jesus, he is slowly become a man with absolutely everything – looks, vocals, talent, and the skills!

SHINee is expected to perform their comeback performance live on the Sunday 6th of October in Seoul at 8pm (KST). It will be streamed live on YouTube, so make a note of it in your calendars, planners, diaries…WHATEVER JUST GO AND DO IT hahaha!

So, check out their newly released lyric video of Symptom and trust me, you will not regret it!

Thanks for tuning in, and I’ll see you all very soon~~

❤ Yami Hyunnie ^^~


Author: Hyunnie

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2 thoughts on “SHINee (샤이니) teases fans with a newly released lyrics video for “상사병 (Symptoms)”: JUST GIVE ME THE DAMN SONG ALREADY!!

  1. the shinee BOYS way back on their REPLAY days turned so well to be shinee MEN now. cthe song even made me cry. i wished SM made an MV for it but i think they wouldn’t. i’m still hoping for a shinee ballad mv. SHINEE FIGHTING!!!!

    • Oh, I really wish that they will make an MV for this. The live performances for the song is SO good…but like you said, it’s probably not likely that an MV will be made for it. *sigh* I guess we will have to be satisfied with the performances…

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