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Korean (and other sites) media articles set out to ruin HanGeng’s image by taking things out of context: Not cool man, not cool.

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Hello everyone.

Today, I must talk about some certain articles that have been travelling the webs of the internet over the last 24 hours, that have really gotten under my skin. Reading all that I can understand and gather from this quest has truly left me in a pickle, all up to the point where I must bash about share with my fellow readers.

So, let’s begin the ranting!

I hope to continue seeing him smile like in this photo...It hurts to think that at one point in his life, he was incapable of doing so...

I hope to continue seeing him smile like in this photo…It hurts to think that at one point in his life, he was incapable of doing so…

A couple of weeks ago, I had watched a documentary about HanGeng’s life pre-Super Junior era, and how he had tried to survive in Beijing for years during university and after graduation, away from his family. Being of Chinese background (therefore, I could understand the documentary since it was in Mandarin), the documentary was truly an eye-opener, as many things were revealed about the struggles and hardships HanGeng has to endure during his time in Beijing. It was really confronting as to what he had to go through, even up to the point where I had to pause the video in order to grab a couple of tissues.

Yep, it was that overwhelming for me, and I was already aware about a majority of the information he spoke of too.

So, when I saw this AllKpop article today, I had a feeling that something was quite wrong in the matter. I mean, I was aware that my Mandarin wasn’t the best, but this article seriously threw me off. I initially questioned myself into thinking “Was I really that biased in thought that I totally misunderstood the documentary?? Seriously Hyunnie, that is shameful!”

But don’t forget guys, this is AllKpop we are talking about here (btw, for those who aren’t quite aware of this site, for my Aussie readers out there, take this site as the equivalent of Today Tonight/A Current Affairs but on Kpop News instead lol. For readers outside of my homeland, this is probably late night trashy TV that no one would watch even if it was the only thing on TV).

So, surprise, surprise, it seems that AllKpop is causing mishaps once again. It seems that I wasn’t the only one who totally found this article quite uncomfortable to read. As it turns out, AllKpop had taken a lot of their “information” from numerous Korean news sites, which were possibly TVReport and KukiNews (the article itself has clearly been referenced to some site called “Nate”, another site which feeds off news posted from the previously mentioned sites)

Now these Korean articles (as I have seen from other fellow bloggers in their understanding) have been taking the documentaries quotes out of context, with pure motives to try and ‘stir the pot’ I guess you can say. I can’t read Korean (I can only just read basic Korean), and so this frustrates me even more so as I can’t give my say on this matter on either sites. It’s times like these that I wish I can understand/converse in any language in the world. Like a couple of bloggers I read, my goal in life is to expand my knowledge of languages from as early as I can, so that in the future when I plan to travel the world, I can be of use to society (and make my life easier too :3), rather than a burden.

Pocketostars discusses the issues concerning the articles and documentary in a fashion better than my own, so for anyone who is interested, click on the name to take you to her post. But, as to what she is arguing, I can totally agree on what she states. In the end, HanGeng was grateful to his life in Korea in the beginning, and truthfully, his goal in the beginning was to provide money for his family who were doing just as bad as he was. His life before Korea was just as bad, and so he believed himself that this choice, to go to Korea, was the option he had to take because there was no way he was doing to be able to anything in Beijing at the time.

I believe that anyone who is placed in HanGeng’s position would do the same (I hope anyway…ahhh faith in humanity). I personally, would sacrifice myself in order to benefit my family, even if it is just a little bit. I would want my family not to suffer, rather than the other way around…

As for the articles hinting on the fact that HanGeng was greedy for money, likewise this statement was also taken out of context. The articles clearly avoided the fact that on top of the 4000 yuan he earned, the company gave on top of that another ~3,000,000 won that year, which he instantly sent back to his family, leaving himself with just enough to survive with (if buying instant noodles for months is considered surviving).

The sections where the articles moulds the image of HanGeng hating his fellow members in SJ-M for not being able to speak Chinese is absolute bull****! In the documentary, HanGeng states that as the leader of the sub-group, a lot of duty and responsibility was placed on his shoulders. He had to care for these members, who he worried were homesick like he was back when he arrived in South Korea years ago. In not wanting his members to feel the same way, he worked hard, and one main responsibility he carried all the time was translating. For anyone, obviously, translating for another 4 people (5 if you include poor Henry who seemed just as lost in the beginning) in a foreign country is tiring, requires hard work and is not something that can be easily done. HanGeng truly did everything he could do to assist the members, and in return the members knew how hard he worked for them, and they were truly grateful for that (as they had reinforced in numerous interviews in the past).

Finally, the parts that mentioned about him desiring to act, but these gigs were given to other members is something that truly, truly, to the bottom of my heart, annoyed the f*** out of me. Seriously, at that point in time, I was ready to just contact these Korean sites (Allkpop included for their thickness in the brains) and just rant on about them through an email or something along those lines. The articles made him sound as if he was a kid who was whining about his lollipop being stolen or something and believe this, that was sooooooo not okay with me.

As HanGeng had mentioned in previous interviews prior to this documentary, it was made quite clear that SM Entertainment refused to allow him to participate in these extra activities, despite him receiving numerous ones during his time in Super Junior. A clear example I can remember is back in 2009 when Super Junior were promoting “Sorry, Sorry”, in a specific variety show called “Come to Play”, HanGeng was questioned about him receiving an offer to act as one of the F4’s in China/Taiwan’s version of “Boys Over Flowers”. He stated that due to conflict with the promotion of their 3rd album, he couldn’t participate. Come on, Siwon hadn’t participated in so many promotions with Super Junior during “Bonamana” and “Mr. Simple” era due to drama schedules. Since it was okay for Siwon to do so, why wasn’t HanGeng allowed then? (By the way, I’m not bashing on Siwon, alright? He was just the perfect example to use at this moment. In a way, I am grateful for the dramas because he is absolutely lovely to watch for hours on end *swoon*)

Clearly, the company just outright refused these offers for HanGeng to participate in activities outside of just the promotion of albums. But, the fact that these sons of b*****s were out there, wanting to make him sound all whiny is ridiculous. He stated these points in order to demonstrate the fact that there was a clear lack of equality happening within the company. The company gave other members so much more freedom and say in comparison to HanGeng, despite his consistent desire to want to go ahead and pursue an acting career too. For anyone, this sort of treatment can even dim out the brightest of all people, and that was what gradually happened to HanGeng. He couldn’t continue this sort of mistreatment, so he decided to file the lawsuit, which he believed was the only solution.

There is plenty more that I can talk about in relations to these disgusting articles, but I think you all should go out and explore yourselves upon this issue, and allow you to form your own opinions on the matter. These articles were written not in an initial response to the documentary (the documentary was released on YouTube weeks before these articles were written), but rather in a way to cause an uproar in the Korean community in order to turn against the International Pop-Star and from what I am seeing in most comments mentioned on these articles, I can say that they have achieved their purpose.

Below here I will provide a link to the complete documentary, which lucky for you guys, has been translated to English now:

If it’s too long, here is a shortened version with cutted scenes here and there:

Credits to Hannie209 for subbing these videos :3

I highly, highly recommend you guys to see this. If you really can’t be bothered to watch it all, then refer back to PocketoStars post, who highlights on the main things mentioned in the documentary. Also, check out the Omonatheydidn’t article on this issue as well. This is the site where I usually read from, and I highly recommend you all to read their stuff since they take better caution than some sites (*cough* Allkpop *cough*)

So, no matter what the future holds for both HanGeng and Super Junior, I will continue to support them in all of their endeavours. I personally can’t wait to see HanGeng in the Transformer film which is planned to be released mid-2014!!! KYAAAAAA, I can’t wait!!!

Hope you enjoy your long-needed break GEGE!!

Hope you enjoy your long-needed break GEGE!!

So, thank you all for enduring this horrendous excuse for a blog post, and I will talk with you all very, very soon~~

❤ Yami Hyunnie ^^~


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