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IU(아이유) adopts a new image in her official teaser “Between the lips (입술 사이)”: did we see this coming?


Hey everybody! I’m back with a recent update about IU and her new teaser!

God I love this image :3

God I love this image :3

IU’s new official teaser was released today around about 2 hours ago. Her new song is called “Between the lips (입술 사이)”, and adopts a new mature image, very different in comparison to her more commonly known image – a cute image.

Now, as I’ve seen through the comments below the teaser, many are stating that her new change is due to the recent scandals and controversies that she has had in the media recently (obviously something to do with a photo and Eunhyuk-oppa). Seeing this circulating around really seems depressing to me, and I would argue against it.

It has already been 5 years since IU has debuted. Just like any k-pop group, there is a time where girls will grow up into women, likewise the boys will grow up into men. For IU, this new image is only a sign that our cute, young and innocent girl has now matured into a beautiful, elegant woman, which is reflective in her change in music as well. The evident guitar strings and the slow clicks incorporated with the Spanish/Latin American-styled music clearly portrays a sign of maturity from girl to woman, and may I also mention that it is very, very catchy.

I love this new image that IU is rocking, and I can’t wait to watch and listen to her new song in the coming future! IU Hwaiting!

Thanks for reading guys, and I hope to see you all soon~~

❤ Yami Hyunnie ^^~


Author: Hyunnie

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2 thoughts on “IU(아이유) adopts a new image in her official teaser “Between the lips (입술 사이)”: did we see this coming?

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  2. Actually, I think people meant that she could no longer keep her cute image after the scandal. When people saw the picture of her and EunHyuk, they felt betrayed because she’s meant to be ‘pure’ in some way. Which I think is ridiculous but there you go, that’s what IU’s image was supposed to be intially-pure. Her title Nation’s Little Sister was stripped away as well, showing that she could no longer carry on this image.

    Therefore IU’s producers thought it was best that IU chnage her image to a more mature image. She actually said that it was the producer’s idea herself. I don’t think IU chose.

    Frankly, I don’t think she has a choice for what image she’s supposed to hold. The cute and pure image worked best at the time and I have no doubt that she would’ve continued had it not been for the controversy.

    I don’t care what people say though. IU has so much talent and i will carry on watching her throughout her career,

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