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SPICA – “Tonight”: The replay button is going to break eventually…>//<

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Hi everyone! This is a quick MV review on the newly released single by SPICA called “Tonight”. I don’t really have a lot of time on my hands ATM because I have to be running off to uni soon enough.



But I just have to leave some sort of comment about this song because IT IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! It has a really indie-vibe to it, and it is absolutely addictive to listen to. So much so that my outfit for the day seems really indie too…what has this song done to me??! ><

The MV is stunning, and the girls are really adorable. There is even a bit of a glimpse of Hyori, but that is understandable since she produced the song. Boa is my ultimate fav in this group, but all of them are wonderful :3 Each and everyone of them are amazing in what they do, and I have been following them ever since last year. “Painkiller” is still a song from them that I still jam to. So, when this song was released, I wasn’t surprised that they once again would release such an amazing song. SPICA, you will never let me down ^^

Alright, my train is leaving in 20 minutes and it takes my 1/2 hour to walk there so I better get moving. I will post more in the coming future, and very soon since KARA is having a comeback in a couple of days time (have you seen those teasers??? OMG…) Check out the MV for “Tonight” that I have linked up above and I will catch up with you all very very soon~~

❤ Yami Hyunnie ^^~


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