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EXO’s Performance on KBS “A Song For You” (23/08/13): OMG, MELTING INTO A PUDDLE!

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Hi everyone! First up, I have to explain to you right now that this post has been written days before it has been posted. I had typed this straight after my internet at home had disconnected, and took DAYS to fix (stupid technicians ><’) I’ve had to literally do everything at uni because there is no way that it would be possible for me to upload any assessments at home (duh!) And on a final note, my laptop weighs like a TON! ><

Anyways, what I had wanted to share was a video that was posted on the KBS World YouTube channel a couple of days ago. This is a series called “A Song For You”, where K-pop groups/idols answer questions sent from their international fans all across the globe. In this episode (episode 1 to be precise) EXO was the guest, with Jo Kwon MCing the show. It was quite fun and warming to see all 12 members together and interacting with each other. You definitely get to find out more about these idols through such shows, which probably explains why such shows are just absolutely addictive to watch.

Also, on a separate note, I will probably post up something about the favourite Variety Shows that I love to watch, but that is for another day, trust me >//<

Okay, moving on. What this post was ‘aiming’ to do was actually focus on the last part of the episode, where 4 members of the band (BaekHyun, Chen, D.O & LuHan) sing the song ‘Open Arms” as an ending performance for the episode. And, can I just say, IT IS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFULLLLLLLLL! *wipes tears* No kidding guys, these four sing with such passion and emotion that it literally had my hands under my eyes the entire time, reminding me not to cry all over my keyboard and make a fool out of myself in front of the family.

In particular, I absolutely loved D.O’s voice during this song. His starting was flawless, and his English is quite amazing, with his accurate pronunciation of the words. I think I might be slowing loving this man, because he is so loveable yet so charming at the same time. EXO is a group that is definitely slowing growing on me. His contribution to the song “Goodbye Summer” with f(x) was so lovely – his voice took me through a story.

So, enough of my babbling for today. I wish you all a lovely day, and I pray that I haven’t been missing from your lives for too long 😀 See you lovelies soon~~

❤ Yami Hyunnie ^^~


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