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EXO – Growl (으르렁): fap fap fap fap fap fap…you know the drill >//<

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HI GUYS!!!!!

I’m not even going to attempt to start apologising for my absence; there really is no point, is there?

So ,without further ado, let’s start this review!

Firstly, this is a review THAT MUST BE DONE, REGARDLESS OF THE F***ING CRAZY  AND RIDICULOUS AMOUNT OF UNI WORK I HAVE!!!!!! Ever since the release of their repackage album (which, I must inform was yesterday as of this blog post) I haven’t stopped listening to this; it was definitely worth the wait.

Covers can be deceiving because this cover cannot express the absolute AWESOMENESS OF THIS ALBUM!!!

Covers can be deceiving because this cover cannot express the absolute AWESOMENESS OF THIS ALBUM!!!


*clears throat* What I had intentionally wanted to say was that this album was what I was waiting for ALL YEAR! All year, seriously.

Before I begin however, I might have to explain what all this means. For those who aren’t quite informed about this album (I don’t know how that could be possible ) here are just some brief facts about the release.

So basically in South Korea, there tends to be a trend where Korean boy/girl bands tend to release an album, and a couple of months later, another album called a ‘repackage’ album is released featuring a new lead single and a couple of new tracks to be added upon the original album. Not all groups do this, but it is definitely seen among various Kpop bands such as Super Junior, Girl’s Generation, SHINee, Big Bang etc.

As for EXO’s album, XOXO was released in June this year in two versions, Hug (Mandarin edition) and “Kiss” (Korean edition). [Before I continue, may I just bring to the attention of the name “XOXO” which actually sounds like the repetition of their band-name “EXO”…that is just too creative. PLUS, their two album versions are named “Hug” and “Kiss” i.e. X & O…*mind blown*]  The lead single of the album was “Wolf”, and had topped the online music charts instantly. On August 5th, the repackage album of XOXO was released, with three new tracks including their main repackage single “Growl”.

“Wolf”, the lead single of their XOXO album was amazing however, GROWL IS EVEN MORE F***ING AWESOME!! (Please forgive me with the swearing *bows head in shame*)

And it’s not just me talking. “Growl” had an ‘all-kill’ on real-time music charts last night upon the release of the single. The song, the dance & the boys are just…I can’t keep myself from rambling on like this, seriously. The ‘one-shot’ take of this MV is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! This is what SM Entertainment is capable of, and fans can really ignore the whole “they’re still dancing in a box” complaint, as the dance totally OVERPOWERS THOSE THOUGHTS IN YOUR MIND!!!

Seriously, the dance is mind blowing, full stop.

Just check out the MV for yourself, and it will explain it all, promise. Links for both versions (Korean and Mandarin) are below.

So, thank you all for sticking around and I will talk to you guys real soon~~

❤ Yami Hyunnie ^^~


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