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Xia feat. Quincy – Incredible: Definitely my type of jam guys, seriously.

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Hi guys, I’m back with another Kpop MV review for you guys. Sorry that it has been a while. I’m currently catching up with all of these animes that I hadn;t got a chance to watch over the past semester so once I finish those, expect some reviews coming your way!

Anyway, today’s review is on Xia’s Incredible, which came out just today about an hour from this post, and is currently stuck on the “count of doom” (301+ views) on both the official channel and on the Loenent channel.

yeee boey >< this is seriously my type of music guys

yeee boey >< this is seriously my type of music guys

By the way,  for those who aren’t quite clear on this, Loenent is a company themselves however, they are nice enough to sub MVs into english unlike the official channels with these MVs on them. I’m pretty sure some of us are quite confused about this but it would be great to give the views to the band/artists official channels. I check out both channels in order to give the view but personally, I watch the Loenent version after watching the official MV in order to check out the meaning behind the song 🙂

So, what I think of this song. Ummmmmmmmmmm it is…

SUPER SPECIAL AWESOME hFAWfHQ][4ITLQ3KH45017]587reoin;dg;og’;[;,[,]..`@@$^&*$#@#%&*(*&%$#@#$^&*(&%$hisefgpw9rhbbww254377272[.[;,

WOW what a great comeback, as expected of Junsu. Seriously, I was totally not expecting this. I wasn’t even aware that he was doing a comeback (sorry Junsu, I wasn’t paying enough attention *bows down low in apology*)

To be honest, I didn’t really know what I was expecting from this MV. All I know was that it was going to include more sexy time from our Junsu, probably doing some sexy rubbing and thrusting and body waving or something…you know what I am talking about ladies *wink wink*

And I wasn’t lying. It was just as fun and out-there as the song is. Surrounded by a multicultural group of people while partying at a mansion with a large pool out the back, they all looked like they were having the time of their lives. And Junsu having some sexy time with that lady on the large bed (you have to see it to understand…) WHOOP! *fans self* Jesus Christ, this is where people would make those GIFs on Tumblr with the caption “OVARIES EXPLODED” or something.

Yeah, this one.

Yeah, this one.

However, in terms of awesomeness in comparison to “Tarantallegra”, it hasn’t quite reached that same level of impact that I got. Sure, “Incredible” had its big bootys (is that spelt right?), smexy guys and body rubbing but “Tarantallegra” was something on an entirely different level. Then again, both songs are really different, aren’t they? One is very sensual; the other, more suited for blasting out in a dance club.

But anyway, I am absolutely loving this song, and I keep repeating the MV over and over again. It is really addictive and I just can’t stop listening to it :3 That replay button is eventually going to end up in a coma or something…

The only thing that I might say I’m not happy about this MV is probably the 20 second long intro in the beginning. I mean seriously, you can so shorten that…just saying. And also, the flower throne near the end, it kinda popped out in his last MV too…must be an ongoing trend for him from now on LOL (I like it though, really epic feels about it)

Oh btw, the flowers kinda remind me of "The Boys" from SNSD. Anyone else think that too?

Oh btw, the flowers kinda remind me of “The Boys” from SNSD. Anyone else think that too?

Oh, before I forget. The dance…*drool* It is so god damn good…really good hehe. Very nice, very nice indeed (I sound really pedo here…SORRY!)

Okay, that is enough from me. Overall, this song and MV is super special awesome. I’m so loving the song and I can’t wait to get my hands on his entire album once it comes out (which should have been today…ah well, we’ll wait and see) Hope ya’ll enjoyed this review and i’ll be back very soon with another. Take care, and I’ll talk to you guys very very soon~~

❤ Yami Hyunnie ^^~

P.S. the MV is the English Subtitled version ^^~ See ya!


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