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“Hitchcock” – Film Review: A great understanding of his past, but no more.

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Hi guys!! Today, I just wanted to bring to you my thoughts on the 2012 film “Hitchcock” which, as the title suggests, is about the life of Alfred Hitchcock, one of the world’s most renowned filmmakers/directors of all time. I have absolutely loved his work ever since I had watch “Psycho” in English class years ago, and I have yet to finish watching a lot more of his works. “Birds”, “Frenzy” and “Rear Window” are just a few that I can mention off the top of my head at the moment, however each and every one of them have left a mark on me ever since a young age (probably not a good thing but, whatever!)


So, let’s begin!

Blurb on the back of the DVD:

Plagued by both a reckless ego and nagging self-doubt, Hollywood legend Alfred Hitchcock (Hopkins) becomes obsessed with a grisly murder story that the studios won’t back. Determined,he risks his reputation, his home and even more the love of his wife Alma (Mirren), as he sets out to make the film. Ultimately, Hitch wins Alma over, and the two collaborate to create an enduring masterpiece – Psycho.

My thoughts:

The movie is as the blurb describes. It was Hitchcock’s struggle for Paramount Studios to back his decision to make the movie Psycho, based on an intriguing novel written by Joseph Stefano. The film stays true to the actual persons who were involved in the film however, the relationship between Alfred and Alma is fictional. Hitchcock (I will refer to him as Hitch from now on) is a man who doesn’t reveal a lot to the others around him, a man who likes to keep to himself, even to his wife.

This is a great film for any Hitchcock-film loving fans, or whoever just wants to know more about the man behind the camera. It has a wonderful cast, with Anthony Hopkins doing a great interpretation of Hitchcock, and lovely Helen Mirren should be highly commended for her great talent in portraying Alma Reville. Scarlett Johansson (beautiful as always) and Jessica Biel are as sexy as ever!

What I loved most about the film was despite it all being an interpretation of Hitch’s life during the production of “Psycho”, it never seemed fake. It follows the real series of events, and the actors/actresses portrayed their characters exceptionally well. Also, my favourite part of the film was definitely the ending sequence where you see Hitch peeping into the theatre, and getting a thrill at the reaction of the audience within the cinema. It was absolutely adorable, and really showed a side of him that lacked through the entire film – carefree and freedom.

Overall, it was definitely a great film, and you should all go and check it out for yourselves!! Thanks for reading, and I’ll talk to you all very soon~~

❤ Yami Hyunnie ^^~


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