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ChoColat (쇼콜라) – Black Tinkerbell: Have my eyes gone weird, or is this seriously happening??!

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Hello hello and welcome back to another MV review! I’ve been meaning to do this one for days but never had the chance to do it so, HERE IT IS! This is ChoColat’s recent comeback called “Black Tinkerbell” that was released on June 10th with roughly under 100,000 at the current moment. And I have to say, WELL DONE, WELL DONE TO THE EFFORT! FINALLY, MORE TEAMWORK!!

*Applause* Nothing more is needed to be said

*Applause* Nothing more is needed to be said.

For those who don’t understand, you must watch their previous tracks on their channel. See the MV “Syndrome” and you will understand my ‘tears’ of happiness/relief. Throughout their career ever since their debut, ChoColat have been called ‘Tia and her backup dancers’ by numerous people online. Once you see “Syndrome”, I think you can guess who is who (at least, who Tia is ><)

I’m just so proud that whoever is in charge of this girl group has listened to their fans and created a more even distributed amount of screen time for each member.  Thank you, I say, thank you. However, one point I have to make is that once you see both MVs (which I hope you do) you will realise that the group has returned with one less member, who apparently has left the company. The only question I have is, did she leave due to this imbalance of screen time of members, or for other personal reasons? Who knows.

I have to also state that this song KICKS ASS in comparison to “Syndrome”. I feel that this song defines ChoColat more as a united and mature girl group. In the beginning, the group seemed appealing due to the fact that there are half-Korean, half-American members and it was through this that ChoColat drew attraction by various people. However, both the song and MV ruined it for them. This comeback gives me the feeling of “Don’t ignore us, we are better than that”. Yes, sassy indeed.

So overall, I have to say that I am impressed and proud of their comeback. Their song is catchy, especially the “I can’t leave you” bit. However, it’s not a song that will be replayed for long. Once it disappears from my ‘Recently Added’ playlist, chances are that I won’t be tempted to find it again very soon. Their MV screams “EFFORT!”, but nothing more. And also, I am proud to see more than one member doing the singing in the MV.

Anyway, hope you all enjoy and I hope this makes up for the atrocious effort in the last post I did >< Love you all, and I’ll catch up with you soon~~

❤ Yami Hyunnie ^^~


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