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Boys Republic’s Debut MV: There’s potential but what a shame -_-

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Hi guys and welcome to my first Kpop MV review. Was planning to do some sooner but uni has been a bitch lately so…that’s why (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!).

So, this review is on Boys Republic with their first official debut MV “Party Rock”. The MV was released 6 hours ago (as of this post) and the view counter is still stuck on ‘301+ views’.

Why boys? WHY WHY WHY??!!!

Why boys? WHY WHY WHY??!!!

I was so pumped for this MV for days now. Each teaser that has been released were really, really catchy. The ‘ooooo oooooaaaa ooooooooo’ bits (you’ll know it once you hear it lol) really got me moving and it was hooked. I told myself, “this track is going to be the bomb!”. And what was I given in return? Crap-loads of auto-tune and a whole load of disappointment.

I-was-devastated. The MV did not live up to my expectations AT ALL because, if any of you have seen their other MV called “Orange Sky”, you will understand that they have pretty good voices. SO WHY? WHY, WHY, WHY??!

Too much auto-tune for my liking, WAY TOO MUCH! The teaser only showed a snippet of the track, but I totally didn’t expect it to be the WHOLE track! Ever! For anyone, I believe, there is only so much auto tune that one can tolerate with. Thus, this song has just achieved the status of “overkill”.

As for the MV, it was pretty cute. We see a group of boys enjoying themselves by blasting loud music and jumping around to what seems to be a garage/arcade-like place. A girl (and may I mention the ONLY GIRL) in the arcade finds a phone hanging off a couch, and follows the cord, like anyone would if they saw a phone cord *rolls eyes up to the heavens and back*.

Honestly, if I saw a random phone hanging off a couch, I would look around, ask them where the phone holder is and leave it at that.  But nooooooooo, she has to not only find out where it leads to, but to also follow it inside a BOX (yes, you did read that right) and find herself stuck in a random pink room, with nowhere to go.

Perfect, now she is silly AND lost. What next?

Well, the ‘evil’ members of the group find the box, and tape it up! Yep, and then they take the time to shake it, throw it and basically torture the poor yet idiotic girl.

Finally, she finds a way out of the box with the boys still partying inside. She flattens the box, jumps on top of the box a couple of times (cutely, may I add) and stomps off while trying to let out steam.

Best way is to watch it, and face-palm yourself and understand the absolute frustration that goes through my mind while watching this *sigh* ah well, that’s kpop for ya!

Finally the dance, one of the things from the MV that I enjoyed. During the chorus/only worthy listening part had a really cool dance to it. Slightly cutesy, but very ‘boy-band’ like. It’s kinda a mix of Infinite and U-Kiss (forbidden, I know) styles i.e. not really unique but enjoyable.

So, if you guys are just as curious about this MV as I was, then click on the link below. If you’ve watched it already, and feel that I am really just a ranting bitch over here, then leave a comment below about your thoughts on the song, MV, dance etc.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed and I’ll catch up with you all soon~~

❤ Yami Hyunnie ^^~


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