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Hi guys and welcome to my very first Kmovie review! *clap and cheers all around* Yay!!! These have been LONG overdue, and it’s about time that I took initiative and wrote one ALREADY!

Now, before you all misunderstand, I am not referring to the Daisy from ‘The Great Gatsby’, no no no. If you were looking for ‘The Great Gatsby’ then I do apologise beforehand but you are in the wrong place, and I never intentionally tried to troll you, maybe… 

No, I am talking about the movie “Daisy”, a 2006 Korean romantic melodrama film starring Jun Ji-Hyun, Jung Woo-Sung and Lee Sung-Jae. Below is a summary provided by IMDb:

Set in Amsterdam, DAISY tells the story of a love triangle between a young girl and the two men in her life. Hye-young (Jeon Ji-hyun) is a painter in Amsterdam who looks after her grandfather’s antique shop during the week and earns extra money as a street painter on weekends. It’s through her painting that she meets Jeong-woo (Lee Sung-jae), an Interpol cop who is chasing a criminal, but keeps Hye-young in the dark about his real work. The other man, Park Yi (Jung Woo-sung), is a hit-man who found a soft spot for her and watches her from afar for some time.

However, being shy and ever mindful of the dangers of his professional career Park Yi can only make small gestures to her while still staying in the shadows. Hye-young is dying to meet the man who leaves flowers on her doorstep every day, and built a bridge over a stream for her after she once fell in. Both men try to woo her from afar while still hiding their identities, as she remains alone but moved by these incredible gestures to her. It’s only a matter of time before the hit-man and Interpol agent cross paths and things really begin to unravel in this action-fueled romance story.

Daisy, one of the most heart-breaking films that I have watched in a long time

Daisy, one of the most heart-breaking films that I have watched in a long time

Now, I must admit that I had only watched this movie last night, and I bawled my eyes out, no joke! It was just a beautiful film, and your heart and soul will just follow the lives of these three protagonists, no questions asked. You won’t be able to make up your mind as to who to root for (I ended up giving up because it was just, just too much lol). The filmography is magnificent, and this film has now allowed me to add one more city on my “Places to see before I die” bucket list. Amsterdam seems like such a wonderful community to be living in as it is a place filled with love, art and warmth.

Just on a side note, this movie is not recommended for those who are light-hearted when it comes to violence, blood and all of that. It is also not great for people who aren’t fans of the whole ‘melodrama’ genre because the film is quite depressing (not to mention frustrating at times grrrrrrrrh!).

But, on the other hand, fans of either actor/actress (I love them all!) or really need a film to cry over, MUST WATCH THIS! It is just so beautiful, and is considered to be on the short side (1hr and 40 or so minutes long) in comparison to recent films.

So, if you have an hour and 40-50 or so minutes to spare, click on the link below, watch and then come back and share what your thoughts on the film is. Did you like it, hate it, or did you think that it was just too much for you? Let me know by sharing a comment below. This film will know forever be remembered in my heart as a film which clearly shows the power of the heart, and how true love really waits for the right person to come along.

So, I hope you all enjoyed this review. Be sure to come back and visit for more reviews/updates on anything related to Asia. Thank you and I’ll talk to ya’ll very soon~~

❤ Yami Hyunnie ^^~


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